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The soldiers

As all of India is getting ready for the festive season, I have my cousin sitting in the eastern most edge of India as an officer in the Indian Army. He is more than a brother to me and this is the first time I realized how much sacrifice soldiers and their family members make

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On board with the WordPress app

Just got inspired by the blog of my manager’s daughter and decided to get the WordPress app for Android. My work place network security was preventing setting up my self-hosted blog but was able to do it on cellular data. Working like a charm. After a hiatus from blogging I am back!

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COWSPIRACY – Please watch

In a matter of 10 years all of Brazil’s rainforest will be gone thanks to ranching and other livestock rearing. By 2050 all of world’s oceans will be fishless. There is no such thing as sustainable fishing. (Hint: Maritimes fish reserve is almost depleted and people in small fishing villages have no employment). Livestock produces

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