Open letter from RIM employee to senior management

I am a huge BlackBerry fan and will continue to remain loyal to RIM until they go out of business, which may have sounded absurd even a year ago.  Wish I could say it’s just as absurd these days, but clearly it isn’t.  While looking for BlackBerry 99xx (slated for release sometimes this year) I bumped on this article on  If you are/were a BlackBerry fan, I am sure you will like reading it just as much as I did.

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  1. Hello Mr. Kalyan Chatterjee,
    As mentioned on your contact page, this is just to notify you that I have sent you a message. Please do go thru it and lemme know your response. I was reading through your blog postings and they are awesome, especially the Tintin one, really looking forth to the Spielberg’s Movie this year 🙂
    Awaiting to hear back.
    Himadri Mukherjee.

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