Whatever happens, happens for a reason

As human beings, the most we can do is pursue our targets with integrity and dedication. The outcome is not in our control. Things that are meant to be will happen no matter how much we try to resist or how much unachievable they may seem. The flip-side argument is also true. You can toil hard with all honesty, leave no stone unturned but you can never predict the outcome. Never. This applies to both tangible targets and abstract ones.

The best thing one can do is believe in themselves, follow their core principles (this is so important) and enjoy the ride while it lasts. Albeit morbid but it’s important to remember that the ride will end one day. We are already naked. So there is nothing to be afraid of. Let the time wasters go and keep the important people very close to your heart.

Why am I writing the “we all know this” stuff on a Friday night – don’t know 😳

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