A shot of self-esteem

For whatever reason my morale has been low for the last couple of days (or has it been weeks?). Then a little while ago as I was digging through some old stuff, I realized that this low-morale phase in so damn unnecessary. This will sound very snobby from here on and I will probably edit this post before anybody reads it … but the truth remains that I have fought numerous hard battles and won every single one of them, demonstrated the resilience of a monk, shown more determination than anybody I know personally (except my mom perhaps who is currently training to become a web developer) and never been untruthful, unfaithful, dishonest, conniving or even remotely crooked all my life. Yes I know all those are synonyms but are applicable for different circumstances. I can hold my head high anywhere anytime.

So from now I need to remind myself to sit tight, continue the startup work that I am doing and just wait for things to happen rather than chasing them.

2 thoughts on “A shot of self-esteem

  1. Can’t complain. I have a great job, physically fit, have good friends and live in a great country. What more can one ask for?

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