Thou shalt not judge too soon

As I was walking to work this morning, I saw a person driving a brand new Audi Q5 incessantly and rudely honking at an old man driving a late 2000 Subaru (he didn’t know it was an old man at the wheel). The driver in the Subaru did nothing wrong because the vehicle in the left turn lane that was in front of him, was blocking his way. In situations like this, it is normal to sympathize with the driver of the Subaru and generalize that drivers of expensive vehicles are all @$$holes and arrogance comes with their ownership. I did exactly that. While such a conclusion might be true in some cases, it certainly wasn’t the case here. The way it played out, both cars (the honker and the honked) stopped side by side only a few meters from where it happened. I tried to look at the Q5 driver to confirm that I was right. But what happened next¬†blew my mind away…

The suited gentleman in the Q5 apologized to the elderly driver with his hands folded together (like a Hindu namaste). He realized his mistake and apologizing was the right thing to do. He was not an egotistical jerk (like I¬†presumed) but a true gentleman (maybe a bit thin on patience). Apologizing is a behaviour only shown by the brave. It doesn’t make you small; it earns you respect along the way.

I learned my lesson too. I will try not to form opinion about people too soon.

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