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It almost sounds like a cliche´ when I say I love programming and like to pay tremendous attention to details. My biggest solo web application (a cricket club management tool – CMS) went live this weekend… controlled Beta. I thought I would finish this project during Christmas break. Little did I realize how vast this application is and how much intricate the inner workings were going to be. But really happy I got it done!

Top 10 Features:

  1. User registration/sign in
  2. Player profile creation
  3. Player unavailability calendar
  4. Match Creation (this is the heart of the application)
  5. News Bulletin (shown on the home page)
  6. Adding/editing venues (match and practice)
  7. Adding/editing club teams
  8. Match selection mail-outs (done through an overnight CRON job)
  9. Match cancellation notifications (pushed immediately)
  10. Three access levels – user, admin, super user

Note: I am still working on the landing page (, but the sub-domain (the club I play for) is live

Here are some screenshots…

User Profile

User Profile

User Profile - Edit Mode

User Profile – Edit Mode

Club Details

Club Details – only the super user can modify the contents

Fee Payments

Fee Payments – allows you to set the number of installments and track payments

Members List - Admin Page

Members List – Only the super users can see this page

Club Teams

Club Teams – only editable by super users

Venues List

Venues List – editable by all admins irrespective of club. Wikipedia style.

Match Creation - screen 1 of 2

Match Creation – screen 1 of 2. Check for all conflicts.

Admin menu

Admin menu

Admin Match Scheduling Dashboard

Admin Match Scheduling Dashboard

Change Password Screen

Change Password Screen – this needs some work. Pretty empty at the moment.

Unavailability Calendar

When a players marks him/her as unavailable, they show as unavailable to team selectors.

Non-admin drop down menu

Non-admin drop down menu

Home screen

Home screen for users who have been given access to the club

Registration Form

Registration Form

Login Form

Login Form



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  • Tom says:

    Congrats Kalyan!

    “I would finish this project during Christmas break.” — I’m sure it’s Christmas somewhere in the world 🙂

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