How DOWNTOWN TORONTO parking is run by robbers

I parked my car at a IMPARK facility near University Ave and Pearl Street at around 4:50 pm on Thursday, June 2nd. The time options on the vending machine were

  1. Some other shorter time
  2. Hour and a half ($13.50) or
  3. Until 6 am the next day (REALLY???? … $23.50)

I was supposed to be done in an hour. So I paid the $13.50 and followed the instruction on the vending machine that I do not need to leave the receipt on the dash. I was delayed by a bit and when I got back to my car (around 7 pm)… I found a ticket of $74.15 THAT IS… a ticket more than FIVE freaking times than the price of the ticket issued 20 mins after my ticket expired. 

Points to note:

  1. NO option of paying overage
  2. Vending machine is designed to rob people
  3. Crazy ticket amount … in an empty parking lot even if I prevented someone else to park at my spot, it should not be more than the DAILY MAX

This is abuse and it must stop! 

Here is the ticket for your viewing pleasure.

























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