Foodgii – Best Tasting Vegan Food Ever

There is a new service in the GTA called Foodgii which delivers great tasting vegan food to your door if you live in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Vaughan (may have expanded by now). I tried some of their menu items and they are far better than the bland vegan meals I have ordered from some other service providers. They appeal greatly to my Indian taste buds but I am sure their wide variety of cuisines will appeals to most other people.

I am a huge fan of the Save Movement and other animal rights movements. Just as bearing witness to slaughter-bound earthlings is essential for spreading awareness, spreading news about plant-based food options is just as important. Most vegans seem to be caught up only in sharing pictures and videos of animal cruelty on social media. My appeal to them is if you find great vegan food choices, share it with your social circle. Most people don’t want to cause pain and suffering to animals. If they can find great tasting plant-based food choices, then who knows, maybe one day they will give up meat.

The goal is to move more and more people away from eating animals and animal-abused products. With demands dwindling down, the suppliers (abusers) will have no choice but to shut down their operations or raise the prices so high that most people won’t be able to afford them, thus the death of the meat industry.

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