Kalyan Chatterjee

Photo Album for Toronto PBCA
Details: Simple photo album for PBCA events using PHP, MySQL and jQuery (keeping graceful degradation in mind!)
Started: October 19, 2010
Target Deadline: October 31, 2010
Ended: January 15, 2011
- I cheated!  Used this nifty tool called Visual LightBox JS to generate the gallery.
- Tweaked to fit the PBCA theme.
- Ensured graceful degradation in absence of JavaScript.

Details: My first entrepreneurial feat --- an Internet solutions company. Offering FREE website development for first 20 customers... NSA
Started: April 2010, but current product was brainstormed in Jan 2011.
Ended: July 15, 2011

CSS for Kalsden album and blog
Details: Wish to use Google Picasa for my album.  But that has a learning curve as I need to learn Google APIs.  What I need to do immediately is write/modify the album and blog index pages to look same as other pages on my site.
Started: June 24, 2010
Ended: September 03, 2010
- Changed the favorites icon on the pages and background-color on blog to match website theme.
- Abandoned the idea of using Google Picasa for Album, too much unnecessary work.
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