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COWSPIRACY – Please watch

In a matter of 10 years all of Brazil’s rainforest will be gone thanks to ranching and other livestock rearing. By 2050 all of world’s oceans will be fishless. There is no such thing as sustainable fishing. (Hint: Maritimes fish reserve is almost depleted and people in small fishing villages have no employment). Livestock produces

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India MODI-fied

I normally stay away from displaying political affiliations. Just like how I don’t believe in any one organized religion, I don’t believe in any one political party. However with the election of Narendra Modi as the prime minister of India, the strength of Indian democracy is on display one more time. As a person of

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Shiv Sena atrocity

In the Indian state of Maharashtra some criminals (also known as Shiv Sena) decided to protest the state government’s decision to import processed milk by spilling a tanker full of milk – in a country where millions starve every day. And all of this is legal as we have the right to protest in a

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