A meat-less world? I don’t think so.

I have been mostly vegetarian since October of 2009. Pizza, Tim Horton’s honey cruller and coffee are the top three things that are preventing me from becoming a vegan. By consuming meat, not only are you directly responsible for the hellish suffering of billions of animals worldwide but consuming meat is also bad for your health and the environment. I know what you must be thinking … I do see the hypocrisy in me. Consuming eggs and dairy is just as evil as eating veal and lobster. I am working on it. Trust me.

1. Don’t remember the last time I had a honey cruller

2. Can live without cream in my coffee. Soy milk works great. Even black is fine.

3. Pizza is still the bastard 🙁

I hope that if more and more people stop eating meat, one day factory-farming will be a thing of the past. But I do not see the possibility of a meat-less world. Ethical rearing of animals and non-industrial meat is the best we can expect.

To prove my point why a vegan world is not possible, I just have one question:

You are a vegan and have a pet dog or cat at home. What will you feed him/her in a vegan world?

P.S This is upsetting. Global meal consumption is on the rise … http://www.worldwatch.org/global-meat-production-and-consumption-continue-rise-1

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