Do not bash India

Looking at the rest of the world, nobody should ever criticize anything about India. It’s an absolute utopia in practice. A country of 1.3 billion, proudly democratic, upbeat in its progress and doesn’t go about annexing parts of other countries or intruding into neighbouring territory – what more can you expect from a country enslaved, exploited and pillaged by Europe for 300 years. There are certain areas where I think the government lacks focus (plight of the farmers, basic health care and primary education) but when compared to other countries and given the massive population it serves, all shortcomings are negligible.

I have been an armchair critic of India too and belonged in the basher’s camp. But the more I travel, read and learn, the stronger my respect grows for my motherland, its people and the Indian way of life. One of the reasons why I love Canada so much is because of its resemblance with India. The last sentence will sound like a fad to most but as a person who has lived almost equally in both countries, it is obvious.

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