Dreamhost uses MySQL version 5.1 – time to part?

I have been using Dreamhost ever since I have been involved with websites. They come across as a company run by geeks and for the geeks. But I am appalled/shocked/horrified to find out that they are still using MySQL version 5.1 (2008) when the GA is 5.6 (2013). I never bothered to check this because I had the perception that DH was always on top of things. I was wrong. I looked into this because I wanted to use FULL TEXT indexing on some of my InnoDB tables (something new in MySQL version 5.6). Although I will not use full-text indexing and rather learn SOLR for the search engine I am trying to build but still I am disappointed by the fact that my hosting provider of choice is lagging so far behind.

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  1. I looked into that issue. It seems we do have plans to upgrade to 5.6 (been working on it all year) We are in the last stage was testing, in progress earlier this year. To make such an upgrade across our thousands of servers is a big job heh and we gotta make sure we have time to troubleshoot and get it rolled out without bugs before it gets pushed live.

  2. Please do. I am working on a high traffic website and intend to get a DH dedicated server.

  3. I have a VPS from DH and I guess they never did finish that last stage since August ’14… Pity, I might be moving to some other host. At least GoDaddy allows you to install your own MySQL server on your VPS. Having almost all packages DH managed on your VPS takes the P part out of VPS.

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