Taken 2 – what were they thinking?

I haven’t watched an entire movie in one go for a long time. So I decided to watch Taken 2. Even a movie buff like me and a sucker for Hollywood action flicks ( no matter how unrealistic they are) could not take it past the 1 hr mark.

1. Why would you invite your ex wife and daughter (who was kidnapped once earlier) to vacation with you at a place so hostile that a rich Arab man paid you a fortune to protect him during his stay there?

2. How did the character played by Liam Neeson escape from a crashed car unharmed/unscathed without even opening the doors?

3. Sound travels at 332m/s. So in 4 seconds, it would travel roughly 1.4 Km. You can hear an explosion from a hand grenade from 1.4 km? Unlikely. No?

4. A girl who failed her driver’s license test twice (as admittedly she could not parallel park) magically learned how to skillfully drive a stick shift? Wow!

5. Why would a dangerous warlord capture you and tie you up so insecurely that you can simply rub your shackles to get loose?

6. Why would you leave your bleeding wife behind and try to obliterate the bad guys? Wouldn’t it make sense to silently escape the bad guy’s place first?

7. Your top contact on your spy phone is a guy who doesn’t answer his calls and is busy golfing with his buddies.

Come on Hollywood. You can do better than this.  I just wasted an hour of my life watching this comic movie and another 30 minutes ranting about it.

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