COWSPIRACY – Please watch

  • In a matter of 10 years all of Brazil’s rainforest will be gone thanks to ranching and other livestock rearing.
  • By 2050 all of world’s oceans will be fishless. There is no such thing as sustainable fishing. (Hint: Maritimes fish reserve is almost depleted and people in small fishing villages have no employment).
  • Livestock produces 130 times the waste (untreated waste) as all humans put together.
  • Livestock rearing produces 55 times the greenhouse gases produced by all automobile emissions.
  • Some crazy researcher wrongly proposed culling 40,000 elephants would prevent deforestation in Africa. (WRONGLY said)
  • Greenpeace, Oceana are scams.
  • Al Gore conveniently skipped this inconvenient truth from his book “An Inconvenient Truth”.


These are just the few shocking facts from the documentary COWSPIRACY. I dare you to watch it. Unless you are a Republican or a Commie, you know the threat of global warming is real. Know the real causes and change your ways or your grandchildren (if you are my age) won’t live their natural lifespans.

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