Athabasca River – Rare sight or does it happen every year?

Summer of 2015 was perhaps the most memorable summer for me. It was more exciting than any other summer is recent memory. I joined a cricket league and did a fair bit of travel. A LOT of travel actually. One of my (three) trips took me to the Rocky Mountains (Banff, Jasper and places around them). One day we were driving from Jasper to Miette hot springs when I saw hoards of cars parked along the highway. Normally this would mean wildlife but I saw something rather unusual. The Athabasca river was so dried up that people were walking from bank to bank. Rockies is the most mesmerizing place on earth for me and I would hate to see the rivers in this area dry up. If you are reading this post and are from this area or have seen this before, I would love to hear from you.

Athabasca River between Jasper and Miette

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