Peel Chrysler Review – Don’t buy from them!

From my privacy, I am substituting $X for the real advertised price.


Avoid them if you can! If you must buy, make sure you don’t fall for their sales tactics and end up paying more than you should.


Summary of my dealing with them …

  • Vehicle’s advertised price was $X. 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited.
  • Salesman offered me $2,000 additional rebate even before I saw the car … making me emotionally attached to it.
  • When I did the paper work, they charged $699 in admin fees, $1795 in freight, $18 for tire levy and $649 in PDI. According to OMVIC (please, please, please check this out) , all of these should have been included in the advertised price. 
  • This resulted in me paying $1,161 on top of the advertised price. That is, they didn’t actually give me a $2,000 discount but cheated me to sell the car at $1,161 more than the advertised price.
  • They were willing to give me a $500 “goodwill” rebate. I declined so that I can reserve the right to blog about their wrongdoing.
  • My mistakes:
    • Got so emotionally overwhelmed with “Jeep buying” that I didn’t question the high dealer admin fees
    • Didn’t save a screenshot/print-out of the advertisement. At first their general sales manager claimed he could not find the deal price (can you actually believe that?) and then magically came up with $X + $2,000 as the advertised price.

Here is his annoying response after he figured out that I don’t have a screenshot or a print-out of the advertisement…

The price on October 1st according to our records was $X + $2,000 and not $X as you suddenly claim (without any evidence to back it up) and therefore there is no wrongdoing on our part.

In response to this I wrote …

In my opinion, your dealership deceives prospective buyers into believing they are getting a great price and then charges them over $3000 in fees. 
I will not take your $500 “goodwill discount” under a timeline pressure on EOD Monday Oct 24 (feels like a tactic) and will remain hopeful that other entities (consumer forum, OMVIC etc) will be able to verify that my claim is 100% true. If they are unable to verify my claim, I will be happy to blog about my Jeep buying experience at your esteemed dealership.
P.S I have not yet taken this up with OMVIC or consumer forum.
He even accused me of trying to get “unjustified and unwarranted further discount” … it doesn’t require an IQ of 160 to realize that if that was remotely the case, I would have gladly taken their $500 “goodwill” discount and not be sitting here and blogging about it on a cold December night.
Food for thought … they charge $699 in Dealer admin fees. To put it in perspective, Royfoss Chevrolet waives it or charges $199.

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