Get and Set methods in Python

I am trying to learn Python very well but I think I have miles to go before I can even say I am at the shore of the Pythonic Sea. I couldn’t think how to use get and set methods in Python for an in-memory key:value data store. My confusion came from “how do I use the Python dictionary?

# Declare a class to store key, value pairs
class kv:
    def __init__(self, k=None, v=None):
        # Using the dictionary data type like so.
        # When this class is called, you're creating 
        # a dictionary object. = {k : v}
    def set(self, k, v):[k] = v
    def get(self, k):

Example usage:

# Create a new kv object
new_kv = kv("a", "apple")
# OR you can even do: new_kv = kv()

# Set a key with a value
new_kv.set("b", "ball")

# Check if it worked

# stdout

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