Getting over smartphone addiction

I acknowledge that I am addicted to my smartphone. I have been searching the Internet to find a basic phone which will allow me to do some browsing, texting and making phone calls but I can’t imagine going without Waze when I am running late for a meeting or not using WhatsApp to share my son’s pictures with my wife and family members. It is a no-brainer that I will fail badly if I try to get rid of my smartphone altogether.

So here are the first practical steps I have taken towards my “recovery”:

  1. No social media apps on my phone
  2. I have put WhatsApp away from my phone’s home page and tucked it inside a folder
  3. Big one … no more emails on my phone! I am not such an important person that I need to cling to my mailbox 24/7. I have added all my active email accounts to my computer’s mail client and I check my mailbox a few times during the day … just like old days.

I do want to achieve freedom from my smartphone… but I don’t think I can do it overnight! Hopefully this will be a baby-step in the right direction.

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